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By following these instructions, your silk product will retain its natural beauty:

Machine wash in Cool Water

* Silks may be washed in a machine providing that the machine is clean (free from soap and grease that could spot your silks)
* Use your washing machine’s delicate cycle with garments unbuttoned
* Only use mild detergents
* Never bleach or use bleaching agents
* Wash dark colours separately
* A lingerie bag, or old pillow case tying loosely the open end, is recommend to protect from the washing machine pulling the garments seam.

Steaming silks is a recommended method of removing wrinkles, if a steamer is not available: you may iron your silk garment on the wrong side of the fabric. A low to moderate steam setting may be used or the fabric may be pressed whilst still damp (dry setting: low to medium). Use an all cotton ironing board cover.

Hand wash in Cool Water

* Use a mild detergent
* Only a small amount of detergent is needed as silk resists soiling
* Never bleach or use bleaching agents
* Rinse very well in cold water
* To retain the silks natural luster avoid soaking garments for more than 3 – 5 minutes.


* If machine drying, use only the low temperature gentle cycle.
* To dry naturally, lightly squeeze (do not wring) your silk and lay flat to dry. Shake your silk during drying and avoid full sunlight.

Dry Clean

* Always tell the Dry Cleaner that your garment is made from 100% silk not be placed in a vat with jeans and other garments that could harm your silk garment.

Silk Ties should be dry cleaned only