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Silk Stock Press Release

Posted On: 15/11/2019 @ 14:12:00 » Send your friend these details

Dear Customers
We hear your frustrations and feel them too.
Our stock levels have not been as they should be since 2016/2017.
The Reason.
We moved premises a couple of years ago and during this transition we did not replenish stocks. It did not make sense to re-stock prior to the move. Since our relocation, the cost of silk has increased significantly; the poor exchange rate is only amplifying the situation.
As a consequence, we have carefully considered how we can continue to provide high quality silk items to our customers without having to increase our prices excessively (almost double on some products).

The Solution.
We have come to the conclusion there is only one suitable solution which will give our customers the quality they deserve, ensure we can continue offering competitive pricing on our products, all while keeping items in stock and expanding our ranges.
We need to move the manufacturing of our silk products to the UK, currently all our Silk items are manufactured by our trusted suppliers in China to our specifications, but we want to bring this in house.

Well get on with it I hear you say! We are I declare! Unfortunately, this is not a quick process.
In order to bring this in house and provide you with top quality products you will love we have a few hurdles to conquer.
Researching and sourcing high quality silk for our products, we need to ensure the colours are luxurious and the material thickness perfect for the item.
Space is limited in our unit, so we need to extend our building; in fact we intend to add a whole new floor dedicated to silk clothing production. Our planning application has been accepted which is fantastic, our next step is to finalise the design, and get building control sign off.

We really appreciate your patience and support while we are re-imaging our business during this difficult time.
We will keep you up to date with our plans as they development.
In the meantime, we would love to hear which products you love! We want to make sure the most popular products are available as early as possible.
Best regards,
The House of Silk Team

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